Devin Wyman, New England Patriots

 "Terry Drake is a man that speaks straight to the heart of young people.  Teaching them to focus on what they are going to achieve instead of what you are going through currently, teaching them life skills and how to succeed."  

Michael Downs, Dallas Cowboys

 "If you believe that individuals talk mostly about what they feel passionate about, just listen to coach Terry Drake.  No matter what the conversation is about, Terry will smoothly turn it into something about children and it's evident it's his passion." 


 "Terry Drake is a dear friend of our family, more so we consider him a member of our family. Terry is a godly man whose heart is for helping the youth of our country. We are proud supporters of Drake Athletics."  

Gina , Athletic Director for Cedar Hill ISD

 "The passion Terry has for underprivileged kids is amazing.  He has such a giving hear!  Terry is always willing to go the extra mile for a worthy cause." 

Mike Munoz, Texas Rangers

 "Terry Drake is one of the most dynamic individuals I know.  He has a God-given ability to reach out, teach and encourage our student athletes, but more importantly the ability to develop a new generation of leaders." 

Coach Lee Wiginton, Head Football Coach of Midlothian High School

 "Coach Drake is absolutely one of a kind in his commitment to providing love and compassion to all kids.  He truly understands the significance of a strong male figure in the lives of yourn people and goes out of his way to provide this."