Football and Cheer Camps


During our sports camps students will meet and interact with professional adults, celebrities, government officials, educators, counselors and professional athletes in an environment that encourages positive self image and self worth.

We will also teach the importance of physical, ethical and mental fitness; which allows them to learn decision making skills, problem solving techniques and strong interpersonal skills.

We believe that we should teach more to young people than how to run faster, throw a ball harder, or jump higher. The development of the mind and spirit are just as important as athletic ability.

Hosting a camp: It's easy!

What YOU do:
Once you have identified a date and a location for us to run the camp, we will create a plan with you to help promote the camp to your players/community. We will work closely with a member of your organization to help make your camp a success.

What WE do:

Drake Athletics provides everything you need to make this the best possible experience for your entire school/organization. Each camp is age - and ability - specific, and combines individual technical
development, small group practices, coached scrimmages, and just the right amount of fun!

You will be provided with:

  • Marketing materials
  • Direct marketing support
  • Display advertisements and press releases
  • Promotional coaching and appearances
  • Quality staff (Professional Athletes)
  • ACT / SAT prep courses (offered on an as needed bases)
  • Age-appropriate curriculum
  • Organized break activities
  • Camp T-shirts
  • Individual player evaluations
  • Official camp merchandise
  • Free Coaches Clinic
  • Certificate of Insurance

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